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Think Tank: The future of fandoms

Part three of my five-part think tank on the future of fiction.

This is part-three of a five-part think tank I’m hosting on the future of fiction. Catch up on the series here:

In this episode, I met with Wattpad product manager Michelle Yick, Ream founder and Wattpad author Emilia Rose, and Storia founder David Burt. We discussed:

  • How authors can be better funded up front (even when they have no fans)

  • Whether books should be free or not

  • What aspects of fandoms authors could monetize

  • How authors could earn a living from superfans

  • What kind of value authors can add

  • What role platforms could play in helping authors monetize their fandoms

  • How authors could expand the reach of their writing with audio and video content

Think Tanks are available for paying subscribers of The Novelleist

And thanks to the new audio features Substack just released, the audio version is available too!!!!!

The full video is for paid subscribers

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The Elysian
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