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Think Tank: The future of publishing

Part two of my five-part think tank on the future of fiction.

This is part-two of a five-part think tank I’m hosting on the future of fiction. Catch up on the series here:

In this episode, Ream founder and Wattpad author Emilia Rose, Aethon Books publisher Rhett Bruno, Novlr founder Thomas Muirhead, Storia founder David Burt, and StoryPrima founder Devin Sawyer to brainstorm what the future of the publishing industry could look.

In this episode we discuss:

  • If you were designing the publishing industry from scratch, what would it look like?

  • Should we even have publishing houses and agents? Or should we design publishing to be more like social media, where writers publish directly to their fans?

  • How can/should platforms help writers find their readers?

  • Is Amazon already doing things right? If so, how could they be an even better place to publish?

  • How should fiction be monetized? Book sales? Subscriptions? Crowdfunding? NFT ownership? Secondary markets?

  • How should fiction be published? As one book? As a serial? Via email? As a community contributed fanfiction world?

  • What kind of “perks” or “value adds” should authors be giving to their readers above and beyond the fiction itself?

  • What role should the author play in building a community around their work?

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