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Think Tank: The future of web3 publishing

Part five of my five-part think tank on the future of fiction.

We’re back with the final part of a five-part think tank I hosted on the future of fiction—this one is all about the future of web3 publishing. But before we get to that, you can catch up on the rest of the series here:

For this one, I met with Rafa Fernandez, the DAO lead at; Paco Puylaert and Juan Briceno, co-founders of Soltype; Colin Armstrong, founder of; Michael Evans, CEO of Ream; David Burt who recently founded Flashlight; and T. Dylan Daniel, founder of PageDAO.

This one got a bit philosophical—the group had a lot of ideas about how the blockchain could impact publishing, but not a lot of tangible results to show for it… yet. Common refrains were “it’s early,” and “we’re experimenting.” I’ll be curious to see how that experimentation plays out over time and whether we start seeing readers on these platforms.

Among the things we spoke about: Why the literary world struggles to modernize, whether authors should monetize their content or their community, the balance between attracting investment and attracting readers, and whether DAOs could be a good place for fandoms.

During our discussion, Rafa mentioned a few articles I want to share:

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The Elysian
The Elysian
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