The newly released Kingkiller Chronicle novel made me laugh.

Overall though, do you worry there is a sort of emptiness here? You mention a passion project, for example, but the passion seems stripped from it: the process of creative writing reduced to something similar to ordering a meal. Not to mention, human "writers" seem to serve the role of prompt-giver, in this world, but if we have already gifted so much of the process to AI, why would it not also claim ideation as well?

I'm no Luddite, nor am I totally against AI assistance in creative endeavors, but there is a balance to monitor: is the machine assisting us, or are we assisting the machine? Incentives push us toward the latter, which scares me. It feels like the erasure of humanism, while simultaneously being carried out in its name.

EDIT: I've read a bit more of your work (and enjoyed it very much) and learned this is an older post ported over without previous comments included. So, apologies if I've retreaded familiar territory here!

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