Hi! I'm Lisa, writing under the pen name L. J. Long. I am working on a serialized novel which I am also producing as an audiobook, titled "The Year of Jubilee."

You can watch a trailer here: https://youtu.be/078uuY8pWfM

And the prologue can be read here: https://ko-fi.com/Post/The-year-of-Jubilee-Prologue-W7W8A9Y03

Currently, I am in the process of rethinking my strategy for how to move the project forward while effectively promoting it at the same time. It seemed like I was missing the mark in that I was juggling many production aspects at once, yet not reaching an audience, and had little capacity leftover to figure out how to remedy that. Your newsletter has been helpful for showing me examples of what has worked for others, and gives me inspiration to brainstorm new ideas and keep trying. So thank you!

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Hello Elle,

Your Substack was one of the reasons I decided to create my own. I'm a writer of short fiction and children's works and I'd love to be part of a growing community of creatives and writers. I've been wary of independently publishing my work if only because I don't have access, and the funds needed, to regularly work with an editor. That being said, this is a wonderful place for me to publish works-in-progress, connect, and build an audience. I'm excited to continue reading your work!

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Thomas Neuburger, essayist and novelist, seeking representation for a near-future, climate-themed political thriller. Suggestions?

Good luck, Elle!

(Find me, if you're so inclined, at God's Spies — neuburger.substack.com.)

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Hello. I am a writer @ http://www.stephenpwilliams.com I'm now finishing an illustrated novel, set in the future. The book has a strong tech web 3 component. Actually showing it to my agent today. I've written and ghostwritten 14 books over the years and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. Ii write two substack newsletters, one about aging at https://www.stephenspeople.com/ and the other about the future of energy, consumption and civilization at https://stephenpwilliams.substack.com/p/are-we-tough-enough-to-adapt-to-the I've admired Elle's dedication and innovation within the publishing space. Elle, you are kind of amazing. I look forward to seeing what you do.

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Sep 1, 2022·edited Sep 1, 2022

I am a friend of Adam's from college. I have mostly done performance art, such as musical theater, choir and a Cappella groups. I have also appeared on TV in multiple countries as the Eggbalancer, my quirky talent that has gone international.

I haven't done as must writing as I would like, but I would like to get back into it. I'm hoping this will inspire me.

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Hey Elle,

I’ve spent the last few years writing novels and novellas and what have you, but not knowing what to do with any of it. The idea of serial publishing is very appealing, even to just get feedback on my work. I started a sub stack and posted my first chapter and… we’ll see where it goes from here https://barbariangrunge.substack.com/p/the-alienation-and-the-black-stones

I have one non-writing project as well, an indie video game. Video games are beyond marathons in terms of work, but it’s really satisfying work https://barbariangrunge.com

Thanks for your great articles

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Hi Elle,

Just joined after spending half an hour depressing myself with your honest (but brutal!) summary of the impossibilities of getting traditionally published, which unfortunately rang so many bells!

I've just begun serialising my 'music and mystery' themed novel at challenge69.substack.com and have so far signed up 70 subscribers (it's a start!), but here's hoping you (and some of your readers) will take a look and consider joining them.

I set out believing in a big audience of 'music lovers' who would enjoy my book, the type of folk who regularly make musician (auto)biographies bestsellers (in the UK at least), but while I'm still convinced this is true I soon discovered the gatekeepers to this audience, the traditional publishers, are only really interested in music themed books (especially fiction) if they're written by an established music journalist or better still in a famous band.

Anyway, rant over, I still believe Challenge 69 is a great story and I'll keep pushing to spread the word.

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Hi, my name is Per and I’m writing about how to reclaim time, attention, and creative energy by reducing unnecessary distractions and waste. A Q: how do you create this Discourse section? Is it a sub-newsletter? :)


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Hi, I'm Stone. I write fiction and am currently in the midst of a serialized story on Kindle Vella and Substack. It's also available on Patreon and Laterpress. You can find some of my completed works and WIPs at https://linktr.ee/cbstone. :) Thanks

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Hello, I’m Gina - and I recently fell into a writing habit to help me process a stage 4 colon cancer journey. It all started as a Facebook group where we provided health updates; then turned into an online diary. A few months ago I transitioned it to a blog, so that other patients could access it.


And now I’m on the cusp of launching a year-long content series that begins on the four year anniversary of my diagnosis, using my original posts and reflecting on what was really happening (before I got honest with myself and my audience) and reflections looking back.

The program will be called Strive for Five; and beyond Substack newsletters will include podcasts featuring my therapist, who specializes in treating people with life-changing diagnoses, and me using my personal experience as a lens to explore topics common to patients (magical thinking, guilt of diagnosis, loss of control, etc). I’ll also be venturing into Tik Tok using bits of wisdom and learning along the way, which is scary bordering on terrifying, but I’ve decided I need to do it anyway.

My real goal is to address the need for individual paths to a treatment journey that may exist somewhere on a spectrum between Warrior and Withdraw - that allows patients to not just survive but use their experience to learn how to truly live.

I’m grateful for a community of writers from whom to glean inspiration as I grow more comfortable thinking of myself as one. Thank you for giving so generously of yourself to help inspire others to reach their potential!

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At 86 I am returning to serious writing....I'm a short-distance runner, so Flash Fiction with it's word limitations works best for me. When The Miami Herald had their Sunday Magazine insert in the '90s, they opened submissions of short stories/real life experiences to local writers. (Dave Barry had a weekly column.) When my first submitted story was published, I was blown away. At a dollar a word I received $600 for it, and it was illustrated! That was the inspiration to write and submit more. The Miami Herald printed eight of my stories. I took excellent writing seminars with teacher/guides like John Dufresne, Les Standiford, Dan Wakefield, Ron Carlson. Back in the day, I was a single/working mother with limited time to write and paint (I paint still, and it's good :) Fear of rejection has always kept me from pushing me and my work where it could be. But, I have started submitting to various publications again - have received rejections, which I find is a terrific exercise in self awareness and increased confidence, because I love what I write. Apparently, that's good enough for me. However, my goal is to be published somewhere soon, and that what I write will affect someone.

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Hi! I am so very excited to discover your beautiful community and newsletter.

I am a writer and an artist, currently taking a break from painting to write the novel that's been on my heart for over a decade. It's a coming-of-age/romance novel about a successful young actress who travels back to her hometown for the first time in nearly a decade. She is starkly independent, and the reunion challenges her to rekindle friendships (and confront some ex-boyfriends 😊) while discovering what she really wants in life.

You can keep up with the book through my own Substack newsletter, Deep Permission, or explore my art at stephaniekirklandart.com!

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I’m primarily a painter (mostly abstract, always oils, often huge, frequently red ☺️), but (and?) I am using Substack to try my hand (pencil?) at poems- I’ve been writing for a bit over a year now, but bravely ventured publicly online just a few weeks ago ‘Liz doyle writes too’

See you there

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Aug 3, 2022Liked by Elle Griffin

Hi there! I found my way here through the Find Your Readers Summit and am thrilled with the content you provide that I've found so far! I am a fledgling writer working on multiple first drafts unable to settle on one. I am brewing so many story ideas! Nothing serious is posted yet, but I found Substacks through your presentation and hope to post soon. Thank you for your inspiration. I hope to learn more from you in the future!

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Todos tenemos un libro dentro, algo que decir, que enseñar, que explicar, un

mensaje para dar, una historia. A veces no tener claras las razones para hacerlo,

nos limitan para ponernos en acción. Es un punto de inflexión porque nace una

nueva meta, me ayuda a tener más visibilidad y a tener por escrito lo que quiero


Soy padre de tres hijas a las que siempre desde niñas les contaba historias y

cuentos. No me considero tan mal padre como “a veces” ellas creen, ni tan bueno

como “siempre” imagino.

Mis historias me emocionan pero no estaba seguro del impacto que podrían tener

en otros. Desde pequeño me obsesioné con crear mundos. Era una de mis grandes

pasiones. Quería crear mi propio universo de historias y contarlas a través de mis


Un libro es la puerta a un mundo nuevo, sobre todo si estamos buscando más

oportunidades. Participo de modo aficionado de un Taller Literario en zona sur en la ciudad de

Rosario, Santa Fe , Argentina.

Junto a un grupo de lo más heterogéneo armamos un hermoso conjunto de

personas que nos animamos a contar nuestras historias y vivencias (a veces

inverosímiles y otras improbables) donde se elevamos lo más gratificante, nuestra


¡Gracias por leerme, Messi-rve! ;)

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Hi Elle,

My name is Violet James. Because of your effervescent personality and enthusiasm to help us writers, I have decided to start my own Newsletter right here on Subspace "The Hopeful Romantic". It's scary, but exciting.

A little about me, I'm a hairstylist and salon owner as well as a romance writer, with a novel under my belt, well it's still in the editing stage. Hopefully it will be ready for publication soon, or perhaps I will do as you've done and post it here, one chapter at a time. I am also working on a Fantasy Novella that has a Game of Thrones vibe. * Not my words :) *

I'm humbled to be here, and hope to be an active member. Thank you for inspiring me.


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Hi Elle! Long time reader, first time commenter :) I'm a TV writer (The Morning Show), but I'm now working on my first novel! It's been very slow, but I love it. I also write a Substack about creativity & wellbeing. I post about the craft & career of writing (my specialty is scriptwriting, but most of my advice applies to all storytelling). Excited to be part of this community you've built!

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Jul 24, 2022Liked by Elle Griffin

I have published four children's picture books. The fifth is currently under contract with my publisher. I am working on a middle grade historical novel.

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Writing my first novel. I am a musician and in 2020 I self recorded a concept sword and sorcery album which I realized was a musical outline for a novel. I now realize it is for a trilogy. I'm writing the first book now.

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Hello Elle,

If you’re able to read my comment, great! I’m glad lol! Because I would like to invite you as a special guest speaker for my meetup group for creative writers, if you’re willing. I have enjoyed your presentation this week about getting paid while working on a novel before publishing, which is what I am trying to accomplish and I found a lot of gold nuggets in this.

Anyway, my name is Christian Rhodes and I am a proud author of two books I am working on at this moment. The first one is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi mystery YA novel called “The Book of Wonders” which is the first book in the “Casey Tresor’s Fairy Tale Odyssey” book series, and my very first novel I plan to publish to all bookstores and online. The second book series is a historical sci-fi fiction titled “Timeless Heroes” and the first book in that series is titled “The Slave Priestess of Babylon”

CTFTO - BoW is about the titular character, Casey, a 16-year old teenage YouTuber/troublemaker who streams video games and loves to party and get into trouble until his meeting with his baby sister changes everything. And how does it changes everything? For starters she reveals to him that she’s his sister and he’s from another world that is inside a popular mobile video game titled “Fairy Tale Odyssey”. So TLDR, the book series is about the adventures of a video game YouTuber who discovers he’s a fairy tale video game character. And in the video game he’s chosen by a prophecy to stop evil in his world. The first book introduces him and all the characters from that new world and the prophecy and how it is affecting and will affect everyone in both worlds. The tagline for it is “Fairy Tale meets Video Games”. Check out the website at www.caseytresor.com for more information including getting updates on new chapters coming to Wattpad. I’m hoping to do a Kickstarter for it but I’m still on the fence on that one. What are your thoughts?

As for my second book series, TH - TSPoB is about Father Time who retires from his timeless job of traveling across space and time hunting down time pirates and killing them, preventing them from changing time for their benefits and keeping the flow of time intact. But as soon as he retires, space time breaks no thanks to several factors including a glitch from a quantum computer created by a college student and his best friend; and a coup d’etat at his home which triggers timeless magic to get unleashed across ages, and summoning historical figures across space and time. One of them being a priestess from Babylon who has the power to see the future; and a Medieval Era swordsman lost in time searching for his beloved. The tagline for it is “A time traveling story that represents” because Father Time takes on the mortal form of an African American college professor; and will have to deal with the issues of race and inequality we face nowadays that he seldom faced while he was time traveling.

Website for it is www.thetimeless heroes.com

Here is a fun fact: Two of my characters—one from CTFTO and the other from TH—are doppelgängers. I will let you figure out who when you check out the website.

Okay I’m done chatting. It’s a pleasure meeting you and hoping to hear from you…even though this is the comment section :)


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First and foremost, Thank you Elle!

Hello, My name is Chuck aka Charles A. Stewart. I am a 26- year combat veteran now author. I started journaling through the coaxing of my wife and daughter to help me with my severe PTSD and other wounds suffered during my seven combat deployments. The journaling has taken on a life of its own and I started my first book during covid.

My first Adult Thriller was released last Sept. CRY of the EAGLE. I have completed the sequel and currently in the down period (July/ August) for query agents. I currently have several request for the full MS and two offers for representation. Exciting times!

I learned of Ella and her newsletter from listening to her information from Daniel David's Summit about the Kick Starter Program and Crowd funded It has opened my eyes to another "tool in my toolbox!"

My book...

CRY OF THE EAGLE is about the worlds most elite organization in the world. CIA's Special Activities Division. The special operations veteran Colt Hawkins and his men and women of Task Force 24 bravely defending their country and each other from the evils of the world.


CHECK out my WEBSITE sign up for free and learn about Colt and Task Force 24 and their back stories. Also there is a little about me and what I did in the military and as a contractor in High Threat areas of the world.


Thank you everyone!

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Hi everyone! I'm Natasha Lipman. I'm a former BBC staff writer and now write the Rest Room, a newsletter about living well with chronic illness. I'm delighted to be here and to have been recommended Elle's newsletter. I have already learned so much about the Substack and writing world. I felt very disconnected from a lot of this whilst developing my career online (before the pandemic when most people were still always in the office) and so finding community is something I'm really keen to do.

A diagnosis is supposed to open up doors to treatment and support, but for so many people that simply isn’t the case. Through my work, I’ve had access to some amazing experts in the field and have worked with and advised companies and medical professionals around the world on how to translate medical advice to patients.

There’s so much simple advice that most patients do not receive that could help them better understand their health, their body, and how to safely and sustainably find ways of living with often challenging and debilitating conditions. I didn’t really get it when I needed it, and when I finally did, it changed my life.

That’s why I love working with experts to create resources on things like pacing and brain fog, as well as wider explorations of issues relating to the care and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Things like why we need to rethink what we mean when we’re talking about recovery, and the problem with how “self-management” is currently thought about in the NHS.

I also share personal essays about my own experiences living with chronic illness, like why the warrior narrative does nothing for me, how I’m learning (over many years) to not be so scared of my own body, and the fear of disappointment that comes alongside the hope of new treatment.

Many NHS clinicians now recommend the Rest Room to patients in their clinics.

I am excited to be on Substack, having the time and space to focus on slower, more in-depth content. I moved away from social media a few years ago and feel so much better for it - but wonder how that will impact my ability to find an audience for my writing if I don't want to get caught up in feeding the algorithm. Either way, I'm excited to be here with all of you!

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Hello. I'm Robin Bullard, aka Ruben Bix, a graphic artist who's written short fiction for years and is currently preoccupied with getting his sci-fi/fantasy/comedy serial novel, The Nature Preserve before the eyes of the people. I'm here, in this space, because Elle's studies on the state of publishing have influenced my thinking. I'm wondering suddenly if my work can find a following in a social media context; something I had never considered before. The writing of my novel (which will work very well as a serial by the way) is finished, though I'm still doing illustrations to accompany it. Shall I start putting out chapters right away? Alas, I hesitate... I'm a social-media-phobe from way back. My social media tendrils are few and far between. I hope to learn something here.

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Hello, all! Before I introduce myself, I want to say thank you to Elle. The way you've highlighted how writers can seize more power and authority over their work, and what has happened as a result, is a true blessing. You've done remarkable work and I thank you for giving someone like me a chance to share my writing.

As for who I am, I'm Mike. I have no accolades, publications, or websites. The last project I wrote was my masters thesis on Virginia Woolf and Martin Heidegger's principles of being and time. It was fun but academic writing is not the mission I'm on. I'm just a boy from Brooklyn who decided at 24 to become a writer, and 12 years later is finally doing something about it. I have big dreams and high hopes, though.

To start, my objective is to develop a dark sci-fi/fantasy story as an episodic short-story series on this website. Why "episodic" and not "serialized"? It's just a matter of connotation. Episodic sounds more dramatic, and I'm a bit of a dramatist (Can someone be a bit of drama?). I also intend to write in "seasons", so each series of ten to twelve stories can have its own arcs. I'm not sure if this is a smart move. Any and all feedback will be gratefully taken. I look forward to growing with you all.

- Michael Maceira

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Hello, I'm Krisjiannis Dovageiste - I'm very new to substack, and I'm a filmmaker, novelist, and musician. Currently, I've got one mythology novel called Immañoué on Substack here, which I just released the first episode a day ago. It's the first book in a trilogy that is sort of a semi-fictional history of the world, from the beginning of time to end.


I also plan to regularly post music here in a different forum - I do some unique, I guess "quirky" trap music, where I blend Americana and trap/hip-hop. Many of those songs have racial justice themes.

Very much looking forward to getting more involved here and getting to know likeminded others.


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Hi everyone, I'm Vishanka Gandhi, and lovely to meet you all!

I'm currently revising the manuscript of my first novel, tentatively called The Astrologer of Ramayana. It is a dual-timeline spiritual fantasy novel set in the ancient time of the Indian epic Ramayana and present-day London.

It would mean a lot if you could share if spiritual fantasy is something that you would be interested in reading. Thanks!

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Hi, I’m Ewan Scott, the person behind the music of Signal Source Unknown.

I’m based near Edinburgh, Scotland.

At the start of 2022 I started the Signal Source Unknown music project with no listeners, no distributed music and no clue what I was doing!

I’m writing about this here on Substack with the ambition of helping other people feel better about their own creative journeys when they see how bad my one is!

I’ll do my best to stay on topic but I have been known to become distracted.

I'm brand new on Substack but hope to grow my readership to double figures before 2023!



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Hi everyone! I'm Michael. I write slice-of-life humor here on Substack. Originally, my thought was to use Substack as my author newsletter (I write crime capers and humorous speculative fiction), so I figured sharing funny stories every week was a good way to build an engaged audience. That strategy has worked well, but as my Substack has grown I've begun to investigate ways that I might expand my content offerings and add a paid component.

I also serialize YA humor on Wattpad, where I'm a member of the Stars program.

I live in Los Angeles, travel whenever I can, and drink too much coffee. I'm a former lawyer, former journalist, former PR dude. Basically, I'll quit anything once, except for writing - I've been putting words on the page / screen for twenty years (and counting)!

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Hi everyone! I'm Reina. Excited to be here. I've been playing with the idea of serialized stories for a while now and Elle's work has pushed me into finally diving in. I've fallen in love with short fiction and want to explore serialized novels as well.

I'm an indie author, published one book in a series and working on publishing the second in the series. I've come to Substack to shift the way I write and to share my shorter works and serialize larger works. I'm excited to meet other like minded authors and hear and learn from their journeys!

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Hi everyone, I'm a playwright and writer of fiction. I own the rights to Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark, and I've had productions of the show in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Romania. There is supposed to be a show in Russia this year, which may be cancelled, we shall see. Beyond that, the next production on tap is in Finland, 2023. I wrote the book and lyrics for the show and the music was composed by Danish musicians Marie Koldkjær Højlund and Morten Riis. I also own the rights to Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. Spanish/American composer Jose Luis Greco and I completed the book, lyrics and music right before the pandemic, so it's just been sittttting there. Now that things are getting back to normal (sort of) we are getting it out to theaters. I've always loved writing fiction, but it's taken a back seat to drama. But no more! I'm currently working on a novel and a memoir. I just got onto Medium last week and I'm brand new to Substack. I'm excited to see what Substack is all about!!

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Hey! I'm Claire, and I've always loved to write. I've always wanted to write a novel, but somewhere along the way that got pushed aside because I got hit with a love of short fiction. I started really writing my short stories in 2019 and decided on a whim to create an Instagram account and post them there (@claires.short.stories). Over the last nearly three years, I wrote 186 stories, all with varying lengths, genres, and quality. After feeling frustrated with Instagram and the lack of growth possibilities there, I learned about Substack and have now decided to move my stories here. https://clairesshortstories.substack.com/

I plan to continuing writing new short stories/flash fictions, work on my novel and maybe serialize it here, and expand into essays or creative nonfiction of some sort. I'm so excited to get to know this Substack community!

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Hi Elle and all, I'm the Co-founder of Soltype, the first web3 platform enabling the creation, trading and promotion of literary NFTs. I met Elle a few days ago and I'm currently fascinated with her vision on the future of publishing. At Soltype we share her view on where the industry is going, and we're working everyday make this future a reality. We believe in a future where creators keep complete control of the content they produce. Where everyone has free access to culture and ideas. Where authors can share their stories with the world and be rewarded for doing so. And where writers and readers can create communities marked by mutual support and admiration. To learn more about Soltype - The New Press, feel free to visit https://www.soltype.io/

Great to be part of this awesome community and wishing you all a fantastic day ahead :)

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Hi everyone, I'm a blogger and marketing consultant for startups. I decided to start writing on Substack around December, 2021. I'm a Creator Economy adopter and as such I have some knowledge of how to generate traffic from LinkedIn as a lead marketing lead funnel that can benefit Substack Creators and writers. In my writing I'm interested in covering the future of technology as it intersects with the latest News. I was formerly a poet, but I was never published per se. I have zero knowledge of traditional publishing and don't write stories, I come more from a marketing and growth-hacking background. I made around $80,000 on Medium before their pivot to more subjective stories. On LinkedIn I started writing "articles" when they acquired Pulse, that was back around in 2013. I was subsequently twice a "LinkedIn Top Voice". I'm interested in new forms of monetization for writers who find different ways to be self-employed. Being a writer is the ideal "job" as it provides freedom and room to explore new avenues. If anyone wants to talk about the Creator Economy send me a DM on LinkedIn or Twitter. The writers who write for other writers and are able to build communities are truly valuable I think for all of us. I loved scrolling this Substack Thread, so thank you.

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Hello there...I'm an Internationally bestselling ghostwriter, who's now blazing a trail of my own. Much like my characters, I am straightforward, blunt, and believe truth is better than fiction. After raising four rambunctious and active boys (five if you count my husband) I get to express my innermost thoughts / beliefs by blending the worlds of fiction and self-help together as one. My agent thinks this is somewhat odd, but admits it works. "In The Wake Of Chaos," my debut novel under the pen name of Delaina Layne, is if the "Celestine Prophecy" meets Apple TV's "The Morning Show." Fresh, sassy, and current, yet adventurous, mysterious, and thought-provoking at the same time. You. can. find it here: https://www.delainalayne.com/

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Hello, Elle! My name is Chris Toffolo, and for the last decade, I've served different schools in the New York City area as an English teacher and a school librarian. In the spring of 2020, I published my first children's book, Mr. Ace and the Rainbow Bridge (https://www.mraceandtherainbowbridge.com). A little more than a year ago, I made the decision to create a weekly blog post to keep up with my writing practice. Initially, I wrote and posted to blot.im, but after six months, I quickly outgrew it. I began searching for a new place to publish my writing, and after conducting a twitter search, I came across some of your tweets, and we even corresponded through messages for a bit. You helped me decided on Substack as a platform, and since then, I've been writing my newsletter, 26 Keys: A Writer's Notebook, weekly: https://toffolo.substack.com. 26 Keys focuses on stories, both my own creative exploits as well as reflections and experiences with new and established ones. Thanks for all the info!

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Hi Elle, I listened to you on Creative Penn - time well spent. I am working on my 3rd book... a publishing & marketing workbook. Publishing a book is so easy these days that sometimes a new author loses great book marketing and book selling opportunities because they simply didn't know the opportunities were out there. The workbook will have lots of pictures and examples and focus on the most important things to know to decide the way to publish and then to market your book. My substack focus on book marketing ideas: https://claudinewolk.substack.com. I am loving substack...such a simple yet great idea.

I created a publishing company and released my first book, It Gets Easier and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers in 2008 and then an agent sold it to Amacom books and they re-released it in 2009. It has been translated in 3 languages. I also host a radio program in NJ and two podcasts. I would love to write another narrative non-fiction book and have the idea already once I find the time! Looking forward to reading your newsletter!

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Hi Elle! Thank you for what you are doing. I heard you on the Creative Penn and the information you shared reignited a fire in me! I've started my own substack, http://TruthAndFiction.substack.com and will be serializing my last novel, and sharing research for the newest one from today's headlines, with my comments on them, of course, and tips for writers as I am also a Book Coach. Typically I write supernatural thrillers and I'm loving your thoughts on NFT's, as well. Thank you for everything! --Shari

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Hello all. I'm Darius and I'm an active duty Army officer. I just published my first book, Lights Out. It's a fiction about a rookie female Formula 1 race car driver. I have traumatic brain injury and my therapist suggested I write in a journal. I started writing and ended up with a novel a year later. I wanted to write the change I want to see in Formula 1. I am pushing my book onto everyone I know and so far, they are enjoying reading it. I want more people to read it and it is available on Amazon, B&N, Google Play, Apple Books, Smashwords, and Lulu. Does anyone have any ideas how to get my book into more people's hands?

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Hola - the newest writer on the block here!

I'm an indie rebel at heart and I'm planning to self-publish my first fantasy novel this summer.

I finished my manuscript last week (yay!) and while I was supposed to be revising my draft, I decided to distract myself by researching funs ways to self-publish. That's how I discovered Elle, and I'm glad I did.

Love your energy and imagination! Also loving this vibrant community of great minds!

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Hi everyone, I'm Branden and I'm currently writing a novel that I will probably serialize on Substack—do you think publishers will go for a semi-lighthearted portal fantasy with magic and ghosts and a protagonist that has a world-ending responsibility? But in the meantime, I will be publishing short fiction, maybe some articles on writing and deep dives on my favorite stories, and I just made my first post today if anyone wants to check out my work.

I think it would be cool if there was a Substack newsletter devoted to the fiction corner of the site that could send a few writers and stories they published from the previous week every Friday. It'd be an easier way to find new writers without having to search through all of the different Substacks. Also, does anyone have any tips on where to go to spread the word about one's writing?

Looking forward to seeing what happens with this community!

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Hi All! I'm late to the party (as always). I’m JM Elliott and I have a newsletter, The Problematic Pen, which is my home for the (often taboo) ideas, history, and research behind the ancient historical fiction I read and write. I’m a former student of anthropology, amateur archeologist, artist/designer, and a professional horse trainer, among other things.

I never imagined becoming an author. I began my current project, a historical fiction trilogy set on the ancient Pontic Steppe (present-day Ukraine) over 10 years ago when an accident landed me in the hospital following a seizure. I had been misdiagnosed for years. Questions had been brewing in my mind about an incident in Herodotus, and a song I was listening to gave them a face. With a laptop and time on my hands, I began to write.

Of Wind and Wolves, the first volume of the trilogy, follows an aspiring young Amazon as she confronts the dark consequences of war and the true meaning of sacrifice.


The story also explores the understanding of epilepsy in the ancient world in light of Hippocrates’ On the Sacred Disease, as well as research by Eliade and others on shamanism.

I had an agent, but no offers from publishers, who basically said no one cares about that part of the world or ancient history, and simply depicting the harsh realities and beliefs of the past is unacceptable to modern sensibilities. That's sad. So, I’m serializing it here in case, like me, someone out there does care.

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Hi Elle, I heard your podcast at the Creative Penn and it had me thinking about this new way to reach readers that you talked about and thought I would give it a shot. I am working on my first novel still but it will be a fantasy romance novel. I just built my substack account today, so thanks for the info!

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Hi Elle, read one of your excellent articles which inspired the decision to go Substack (Dec 2021). Really enjoying the format. I write literary fiction so it’s great to have direct reader engagement. Doubt I’ll be retiring to Côte d’Azur anytime soon but also doubt I’d ever have found a home in standard publishing.

I write:

- The Pelican Crossing: a currently serialised short story about two teens struggling to be together amid gang conflict on the streets on modern London. https://adrianconway.substack.com/

- Flugurites: reflective flash fiction


- Scriptourer: the Bible’s storytelling power


Thanks for the opportunity to share and wishing you success in all your creative endeavours. Adrian

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Mar 24, 2022Liked by Elle Griffin

Hi, I'm Jen. I think the idea of using available technology to release your own creations is brilliant. I write romance and women's fiction and would love to get it out there. I've tried the query route, so I'm more than ready to go it on my own and learn more.

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Hi everyone, I'm totally new - got here via the Joanna Penn podcast, which Elle was a guest on. Listened to it last night in bed and was very inspired!

I'm an indie publisher, I publish my husband, who is writes comics, novels, and non-fiction. I'm very interested in the potential in NFTs but we experienced a lot of pushback from our trad fanbase when I mentioned that I was looking into NFTs! Like - really vitriolic, hysterical pushback!

So I'm proceeding with caution, and I recognise we are ahead of the curve here! It's very likely we will have to create a new social media presence if we go ahead with NFTs.

Elle, I'm really happy to be following your journey, and I was excited to read your latest newsletter about the Loot universe! Am now following @divinemagequeen on Twitter. What fun!

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Hi, everyone. I'm Rana. Since 2015, I've been one half of a writing team behind the fifteen-book Jinx Hamilton series under the name Juliette Harper: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095NBN8GW

In 2021, my former partner and I decided to work on solo projects. I launched the Mattie Tucker paranormal cozies: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091XVKQMV and am currently writing book five.

I'm also developing a series of ghost novellas to be published under the name JT Westbrook. I'm writing book one, The Ghost of Slackwood House, now, as well as serializing The Journals of Jym Ann Adair on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ranakwilliamson

I believe the publishing industry is moving in exciting directions, and I'm eager to look for new ways to get my stories out to readers outside the publish at top speed or starve Amazon model. My website is: www.ranakwilliamson.com

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and getting inspired!

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I'm Ken, writing a memoir, Letters to my Son in Prison. My other two sons just Footloosed and became opioid addicts. Let's just say, I didn't win Dad of the Year. But I wasn't a horrible father. I'm a normal guy, we had a great family, raised the fam going to church, in fact I was the pastor, but it just all went sideways and got away from me.

I spent 15 years in a fog about all of this. But when I wrote this book the fog lifted and I found clarity. I'm a better dad now. I'm a better husband. I'm a better Christian; very different than before, but better. And Lucas, my son who was in prison, and I are very close. He turned his life around and so did my other two. That past seems like another life as I look back. But it's not. It's my life. It's what happened to me and to us. And now I can own it without the fog of dismay descending upon me.

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Hi everyone, and thanks for inviting us to join this salon Elle.

I'm Tim Tucker. I write as T.M. Tucker – a series of historical fantasy novels, set in the 18th century, with werewolves as the main characters. It's called the Cornishe Chronicles. You can get my free prequel novella on my website: https://tmtucker.com/books/ - which also has links to the two books I have published on Amazon (going wide soon). I'm just finishing my third book in the series, to be published very soon. I don't currently take part in any writing groups, so I'm hoping to get involved in this creative community.

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Hello! I'm Heidi Fiedler, a children's book writer, editor, and creative coach. Right now I'm writing my first book for grown ups. It's all about making space for creativity in motherhood. So keen to learn from and be inspired by everyone here! Thanks for hosting, Elle!

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