Just curious: what did you tell Hamish McKenzie about how Substack could better support fiction writers? And thanks for all the work you're doing over on Discord. I really look forward to collaborating with folks and doing some cross promotions as you are doing with Classifieds.

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With 500 million users you may have the breakthrough for a sound income model. I wonder though would you prefer to have read all those books in serial format in your reading list ? But if you love literature it would not matter I guess , the tension to wait for the next chapter maybe is to much to disengage. You maybe onto something here Elle.

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i have to say...i dunno. some say millenials don't read. but along come the NEO-gothic game of thrones. huhm...a chore you ask me. ugh. no stop. andonthe other hand, cmoe stieg larssen, [sp. chk] kinda DOA. his GF finally got covered.

and then Hunger Games, the all time topseller in american lit. OK, YA, but still made 55 million take home before taxes for Ms Collins who worrked as a TV producer (don't get excited) before her evident disappearance now.

i hear she wote a children's book and her agent has quit adult life also, Ms Stimola closed for weeks, and then put up a shingle asking only for children's books. everyone wants childrens' books. mommies do daddies too. rhymes will do.

i got one which i should wind up to sell again. had one agent, but her 1st choice failed her so she gave it back to me. no duh.

I gotta say Utahis thepretiest state ever. Toobad about it tho. themultiple wife thing and lost souls recovery system and the taberknuckles. don't ask imarreid one. called herself a Jack M. and i said why not Jill. as she snorted another line.

and i thought i was a wilding hippie!

pretty tho. we got roots there. i guess. sorta. you could do a grapes of wrath on Utah. the scenic part juxta the precision of religion.

my next one will be anti-religion. i can't stand religious wars no mo'.

maybe my next one will be for babies. they might be god on the planet until we take that away from them. i really do not know. any baby smiles at you and you seen god on Earth. woman. write us a love letter to babies and how they should fit in to our penchant for war.

or how capitalism makes for oligarchy, er, plutocracy, and Simon & Schuzter being bot by some rich House of Publishing thugs, knocking the. big 6 down to 4 now.

still there are 3,000 agents out there. i ain't depressed as long as i can speak, i write. and i don't like to give it away. my doctor won't tell me how much? never does. he don't know. she just sits there smiling and i get better. Moderna went from $10 buck to $187 in about the same time as covid 19 has been.

how come life ain't free?

answer that one. i promise you a best seller of all time.

i. jimmy

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Lovely piece as always, and congratulations on your recent success. Very impressive and well deserved, Elle.

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What is life without dreams? We must have them, for they embody hope. Have many dreams. Big and small. In my experience, many will come true. I view writing as a creative outlet (hobby), yet I still dream of my novel becoming a bestseller. How could I not?

I will share one more thought. Chasing a dream is often more fulfilling and fun then the reality of the dream once achieved. The chase is where most of your memories will be made. Enjoy the chase. It sounds like your are. Well done.

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I don’t know if you’ve thought about it this way, but it occurs to me that what you’re doing, how you’re approaching this is pretty brilliant — you have the story you’ll start publishing in April, and then the story of the story, which you’re publishing now. And each reinforces the other, getting us as readers invested in your success. I’m wondering how both will turn out! Again, no idea if it this is by design, but it’s really interesting 👍

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Just read your research on publishing and the stats do not bode well for new authors. I can't see new creator platforms challenging and stealing business from the Big 4 who have the size and resources and strength ( from recent consolidation). The Big 4 will always cherry pick outliers and then use the traditional route to establish their new author success. I would not read too much into the data for an experimental try - at the end of day no one has found way to predict the success of movie, song or paperback - it is silly to model human behavior likes and dislikes. The weight of data as you mention weighs heavily against any non established author. I admire your courage and optimism and the right to challenge the status quo though. Thank you Elle for the excellent analysis.

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Great way to think about it!

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