Would take this course from you Elle 💓

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Love what you’re doing re working fiction by yourself a bit. I’ve just started publishing short fiction serially here for the first time and I find the timing versus quality a tough balance.

What do you think of in process beta readers? I was thinking of trying that out and maybe also a fact-checker myself. I don’t want the quality to suffer but I don’t want to slow down too much yet.

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I'm new to you and took a chance shelling out subscription money. You are touching my wheelhouse looking to the future, where I am the only person I've found coming up with ideas about what we-the-people can do that could redirect us from conflict to cooperation. We are in an old story of capitalism and rugged individualism when science told us not that long ago that we are in a quantum world and need a new story to become a cooperative species. For ideas you won't find elsewhere, that might inspire some content for what you are writing, check out my Substack.

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Got “The Nordic Theory of Everything” in the cart... my in-laws are Danish and I spend a fair bit of time there (well, pre-covid... gonna start again here soon, pry myself out of this rut)

I am baffled by Americans who think they have the best of everything when they... don’t. Not even close. There are challenges everywhere, but America is the land of needless friction and questioning the value of things that should not be; like whether or not humans deserve food, water, housing, health care and then only the humans that work deserve these things. Entirely foreign concept to Danes.

Re-entry gets harder and harder every time and one time I’m just not gonna bother coming back. I hope you make it to Europe next year.. mvh

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You will be seen as one of the pioneers in this medium, Elle, in the future. I appreciate that you've got a long way to go before it's self-sustaining, but getting to 10,000 subscribers is a massive achievement.

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May 26, 2023·edited May 26, 2023

The Dispossessed! One of the best.

This whole list interests me, and I wanted to float the idea of also doing something in person. I know you mentioned the possibility of a writing group in an earlier thread. Another option could be some kind of regular facilitated meeting that explores new ways to do business. Assuming there's some critical mass of people working in Silicon Slopes who are hungry for new models — and I think (hope?) there are — it could be an additional revenue stream. I'd pay per meetup or pay for, say, an 8-week in-person exploratory course on the topic. I don't yet have the capacity to lead out on something like this, but I'm hungry for it.

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Hi Elle, this is a perfect Friday post. I can feel your enthusiasm, read your voice and get excited about your plans for this newsletter. Thank you ☺️

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Keep up the good work!

I seem to recall reading something from you in an older post about how you and your partner had planned your future while traveling so that you'd hit a point of financial freedom by your mid-30s (though it's possible I've completely made that up and if so disregard all that's set to come).

In my experience the cost of life goes up insanely when we fix ourselves in one point of space, through a house or whatever, and add mortgages etc. (I think we also consume more when we are in a fixed place, something about money not wanting to stay still) and I think something in this is contributing to our struggles with capitalism.

Indigenous Australians lived on the move, burning their land behind them to encourage regrowth and healthy soil, and took what they needed with them.

If you can swing 30k a year purely of your own efforts, through your mind and your hands, you are financially free and can be in movement with no overseer whatsoever - what we own ends up owning us.

What I want to do with this post is reinforce what you might not see: YOU ARE DOING THIS ALL BY YOURSELF! I don't think you need to consider employment as a possible saviour if the situation doesn't work out for you, I think you'd do better to close the door in your mind and give your new path all your energy because this IS the future utopia and you're going to be a leading figure of it.

Thanks again for all your hard work and trailblazing efforts :)

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