I love this, Elle! I hate how we put so much stock in being original and looking down upon things like fanfiction, when in reality we are all creating "fanfiction" constantly. We are inspired by so many things and they show up lovingly in our own works whether intentionally or not.

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Most fiction attempts to paint a picture in your mind. But I think the best fiction allows you to paint your own unique pictures in your mind. How unimaginably wonderful it must be to see artists share those pictures. Or see them on film.

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I agree that seeing works inspired by our stories brings happiness. It shows that our readers have truly connected with what we've written, though they may take something completely different from it than we intended.

I've written about this before. Not fan art or fan fiction, but how author and reader co-create stories, each contributing their own imaginings to every aspect of the creation. Each story has as many iterations as it has readers. And that's the wonder of fiction for me.

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Hi Elle,

I must admit reading the first installments of obscurity I had a nightmare. I know it is only fiction and you can't be sensitive to words - it is only play making . But try telling that to your subsconscious !

Nevertheless, I will brave chapter 3, I do not read this genre but I do admire your creativity and research as you have created something out of nothing to bring your art into this world. So you need to be congratulalted.

Slavery , beatings, ghastly violence and oppressive atmosphere is too much psychologically cal to take - I know the genre expects this . I do not deny your talent though.

However you have seeded in me a desire to compose musically - for classical guitar - a Gothic Suite of Mood pieces. Something that has nor been done before. I usually think of a story to tell then express this with a palette of tones; melody;chords; texture etc.

So all is not lost Elle, ideas are every like low hanging fruit, all you need to do is privilige them with focus for selection.

I dread but curiously await chapter 3

You must keep working it is your creative agency and practice to put work out there


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You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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