Ah! The first writer to return to the viewpoint of a character whose head we've already been inside after more story twists are laid.

From a plotting standpoint it all works, somehow. It's a nice weave in the tapestry.

From a style standpoint it's not quite a 100% mesh - this version of the character obviously isn't the same as the chapter 1 version - but that's part of the nature of this story being passed around like a joint in a frat house with each writer getting one chance to slot in and limited time to write.

It was a risky choice to return to a viewpoint character after everything before, but it does, overall, work quite well. Applause for you!

Moving on with the binge!

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I haven't read the other chapters, but I finally got to reading yours. ☺️ That's quite an intriguing start. Towards the end some parts were a bit descriptive but you only had one week. Great job!

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Feb 17Liked by Elle Griffin

I'm loving all the twists that the different authors are adding to create this story. It's a brilliant idea. Ellie you have certainly given your successor a challenge.

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You have taken the story to a new level of twist and turns

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Hi Elle,

Well, I enjoyed reading this piece. A little far fetched at the beginning (seemed to me haven’t read previous chapters), but gets brighter and frankly quite a good turn in the end. I think it’s brilliant.


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