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This hurt my brain a bit; it's such an alien way for me to imagine the futures. But it did make clear a point I try to emphasize: capital and the state need each other. They sometimes seem opposed, but they couldn't do without the other.

The state has also existed longer than capital; I'm not sure if it will outlast it. Most likely it will. But resistance to both the state and capital is always possible, and already emerging. I put my stock in human creativity and connectedness over any of the systems under which we live today.

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A sensible piece. I recently also thought about where is the safest to be if WWIII broke out. One option: actually join the military - at least that way you know the actual dangers and confront them head on.

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Madeline - Great article - I think you are spot on with your critique(s). People should read Petraeus and Roberts’ new book CONFLICT: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine along with The Art of Military Innovation: Lessons from the Israeli Defense Force by Edward Luttwak and Eitan Shamir (at a minimum) to get a better sense of what future directions military adaptation and innovation might take. Mick Ryan will also have a new book coming out this year from the Naval Institute Press focused on Ukraine/Russia and military adaptation. GEN (Ret) Petraeus and Dr. Roberts have been on the Shield of the Republic podcast as has MGEN (Ret) Ryan - both sessions are worth a listen. Bari Weiss also recently did an episode of Honestly with Palmer Luckey, Katherine Boyle, and Joe Lonsdale on the intersection between Silicon Valley and the DoD - well worth listening to - it just about convinced me to come out of retirement and offer to help.

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