Oblivion is a utopian novel I am currently serializing. It begins when Elysia washes up on a faraway island with no memory of her past or how she came to find herself on Fanghu, isle of the immortals. There she discovers a painted scroll of the island in her pocket and a people who know more about her than she knows about herself.

Oblivion is a fantasy romance novel inspired by the Xianxia genre.



  • Elysia is the main character. She is a young redhead woman with freckles who washed up on the isle of Fanghu with no memory of how she got there and a painted scroll of the island in her pocket.

  • Ama was once the empress of an ancient land, but she became enlightened and discovered Fanghu and the isle of the immortals a long time ago. She is now one of the eight immortals who preside over the islands. We first meet her in Chapter 1 and learn her story in Chapter 6.

  • Wao is the botanist. He genetically modifies plants into medicines and makes them into teas and tinctures for the people of the islands. We first meet him in Chapter 2.

  • Taka is an archeologist with a love of the past. He has dark curly hair and seems suspicious of Elysia and how she arrived at Fanghu. He knows something about her. We first meet him in Chapter 4.

  • Sanyu is a scientist and Taka’s sister. She studies the ecosystems of the world and humanity to ensure the health of both. We first meet her in Chapter 5.

  • The Immortals are the eight women who preside over the islands. We are gradually learning more about them.

    • Ama. See above.


The novel takes place in Asean, an archipelago in the great Bohai Sea. There are five islands: Fanghu, Penglai, Yingzhou, Daiyu, and Yuanjiao. Fanghu is the biggest island and it is where Elysia finds herself. Penglai is the isle where the immortals live.

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