Get Collector's Edition Print Volumes

Every year, I print a new collector’s edition print volume of my work for paid subscribers at my collector tier. I am currently printing Elysian Volume I., one year of my writings about utopia featuring guest essays by writers I admire.

These white softcover books are part of a set. There will be a new volume every year, matching the same size and style, but with a different gold embossed cover design each year. These are limited to 50 copies and there are currently 20 remaining.

Subscribe as a Collector to receive Elysian Volume I + annual print editions of my work going forward.

Previous Editions

Obscurity, my gothic novel (2022)

After I serialized my gothic novel for paid subscribers from 2021-2022, I printed a collector’s edition copy for my Collector subscribers. These black hardcover, gold embossed editions were limited to 25 copies and is sold out.

The Novelleist, a print magazine (2021)

This magazine contained one year of writings about earning a living as an artist in the age of the internet. It was limited to 25 copies and is sold out.