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Post Modern: Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Post Modern: Brain-Computer Interfaces

On where we draw the line between the futurist and a Luddite.

Back in March when I was working for my previous employer, I started a podcast about technology called Post Modern. The podcast was canceled, and eventually the publication was too, but I thought it was a fun format for exploring the technologies science fiction writers imagined for our future and contemplating whether we actually wanted them.

At the time, I wrote and recorded an episode about brain-computer interfaces that was never published. I was recently able to recover the episode, as well as all previous episodes of Post Modern so I could publish them all here. I may even come out with future episodes as well! You can listen to this episode above or read the transcript below.

Just ignore the part where it says this is for The Post—it’s for The Elysian now! Special thank you to

who produced this and all past episodes of Post Modern!

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